Shelley Ugyan

My story is one of inspiration and dedication to truth: values I bring to every project as a conscious coach, thought leader and author.

As a mindset and strategy coach,  It’s my passion to walk you through building your dream businesses. To lay the framework that gives you clarity, ease and confidence – just like I have done.

Years back, I made a decision to renew and empower my life.

I designed my own conscious path, with a system and tools that would provide both the lifestyle and world impact so important to me. When asked, “Are you settling in any area of your life?” I knew at that moment, I had no choice but to step into my own light and to help others do the same!

“To thine own self be true” – William Shakespeare

My journey involved teaching in three countries across the globe, acting as a leader and campaigner for worldwide change in eating disorder recovery, earning a Bachelor of Education and nearing completion of a Masters of Counseling Psychology. I’ve committed myself to mastery with my own cognitive training model as a certified health, leadership, and confidence coach.

It hasn’t always been easy. Not long ago I was in a comfortable job, with summers off and a pension on the horizon. I made a decent wage and was able to do everything that I loved. It seemed perfect. But I was bored, unmotivated and depressed. I knew I was settling for something that wasn’t aligned with who I really was.

Where am I now?

Now, as a successful mindset and business strategy coach for online business owners, I powerfully teach this long-lasting transformative ability with others who want to create the juiciest life possible.

My clients include coaches in countries around the world, who are also celebrating their own huge successes including thousands of online sales and business scaling for multinational success.


Together with my clients they have:

  • Achieved consistent 5 figure months
  • Booked themselves solid, within a month of working together
  • Completely shifted their confidence, and have clarity in their goals
  • Success with sales and booking discovery calls
  • Broken through their barriers. When they become stuck? They recognize it in themselves and move through blocks without hesitation

Understanding that I had the power and tools to change my thinking was a magical experience.

My transformation took my limited beliefs, that told me I would not have the time, wisdom, tools or the ability to create success online, and re-shaped them into a powerful force of leadership.

Confidence, momentum, alignment and congruency: all strengths made abundant through conscious permission.

I believe:

  • There is no place for settling or thinking small.
  • Being congruent in all areas of life is necessary to a successful business.
  • Authenticity is necessary for real growth and transformation.
  • We cannot expect our clients to do the work if we haven’t stepped into our highest truth ourselves.
  • Intuitive tenacity, self-love, and living to one’s highest potential is essential for abundance and happiness.
  • With a deep sense of purpose comes attraction. Harnessing that attraction can transform your life.


We all have the answers.

My conscious approach will help you to discover your truths.

My life’s Passions:

I’ve been teaching since I was 18. That’s twenty-three years of leading others in learning. As an educator, a business coach for nutrition schools, a yoga teacher, there has been a lot of different opportunities in my life to be teaching. For myself, I get excited about showing people what they are capable of, and in watching students go through the learning process.

The a-ha moments, and observing people light up when they have mastered a concept, or something that feels important to them.


I’ve been dancing since I was three years old. From ballet to partner latin styles, and and as an instructor – I’ve been connected to my body and music my entire life.

Yoga, Meditation

I believe that it’s important to get quiet and get clear on what the next steps are, and clarity around the present moment. I think that it’s essential that we get grounded every day and I have spent hours on the cushion to do just that.

Personal Development

I’ve always been driven to know and understand myself on a deeper level.I  live in a level of truth that has required a lot of personal growth and knowledge seeking, both inside myself and with external support. I have spent eight years mastering the cognitive model, diving into a masters program of counseling/psychology , and immersing myself in the eating disorder recovery movement.

It’s shaped who I am and what inspires me everyday to focus on continuous self-improvement.


Travelling the world has really helped shape who I am and I love being a part of different cultures, and learning how different people think. This is also why I’ve been driven towards psychology and understanding the human mind in depth.

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